DLM: The Depreciation Lands Museum


The Depreciation Lands Museum is a Living History Village just north of Pittsburgh in Hampton Township. The Museum focuses on daily life in the early days of European settlement in the Depreciation Lands after the Revolutionary War.

Among the many 18th century skills demonstrated weekly at the Museum, is an extensive fiber arts program, including the growing and processing of flax into linen cloth, and the processing of wool fleece into finished products.

The Guild enjoys a collaboration with the Depreciation Lands Museum, and is part of fiber arts demonstrations through out the year. The Museum also offers opportunities for crafts people to sell 18th & 19th century inspired handmade items. Volunteers to demonstrate fiber arts and other early crafts and skills are encouraged and welcomed throughout the season. Please contact Carol Greiner from the Guild or visit the Depreciation Lands Museum website to learn more!

Annual Guild related/supported events:

Please check the museum website for the latest information on any event.


  • Fleece to shawl Demo during the ice cream social
  • Flax to linen demonstration
  • Spinning wheels great and small


  • Hydref- fall festival with demonstrations and goods for sale