Sheep to Shawl Competition Info

Things to know when participating in a Sheep to Shawl competition.

This page is always under construction:

Each competition can have a different set of rules that need to be followed explicitly.

The weaver is the main person and will set the pace with the involvement of the other members of the team.

  1. Team creation
  2. Team meeting place, time and occurrences.
  3. Construct the dimension of the shawl according to the rules of the competition.
  4. Resources for the fleece
    1. Purchase of sheep
    2. Contract a shearer with expert qualities in the shearing field.
  5. Determine what is needed from the Guild’s inventory of equipment:
    1.  Loom
    2. Larger bobbins and shuttles
    3. Bobbin winders (1 per spinner – if possible)
  6. At the meeting, determine the color and pattern.
  7. Schedule the time and place for the practice shawl two weeks before the competition (3 hrs max)

All ideas can be submitted by using the Contact page.