Yarn Finishing Program

For our March 2019 program, we compared the effects of different finishing techniques on different yarns. Yarns from multiple members in a variety of fibers and preparations were divided into mini-skiens (about 10yds long), bundled together into crazy skeins (10 different yarns!), and finished by other members.

It was very interesting to see how subtle differences in the temperature, type of soap, or the type of water impacted different yarns so differently.  One conclusion we need to examine further is that the two “finishers” who used DAWN caused more felting than the other finishers.  Both of these crazy skeins had many yarns that bloomed and stuck together slightly.

Another surprising/ interesting observation was how close we were able to estimate the YPP (yards per pound) of a hand-spun yarn using a McMorran yarn balance.  We tested a piece of one yarn with the yarn balance and found it was between 6-1/2″ and 6-5/8″ this would put an estimate of the yards per pound between 650 and 662. The entire skein was 112yd and 77g which is exactly 659YPP!

Here is a detailed table of our observations and notes, and I will be editing it in the future as people use their yarns and report back on if they could tell any difference in hand while using, or in finished items.    At a glance, it seem like there could be differences similar to dye lot differences from some of the methods.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Finishing Program”

  1. I live in Ford City and would like to join your group. I do weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Could you tell me about your meeting? When and where they are. Thank you Linda


    1. Of course we would love to have you join our group, we meet on the first two Wednesdays of every month. On the first Wednesday we start at 10am with our “business” meeting, then “show and tell”, and then a program, presentation, lesson, or demonstration. Anyone is welcome to come as a guest. On the second Wednesday, we also meet at 10am and that is our “project day” it is a chance to bring a project to work on and visit with some of our members.

      We typically meet at the Penn State extension office in Butler, but during the summer we frequently rent a pavilion in Memorial Park. You can check on the upcoming events calendar, or at the top the main page to find out if we have rented a pavillion.


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